My tumultuous relationship with veganism.

Back when I was a kid, before veganism was a thing. I had my first run in with the idea of being vegetarian. Though our star crossed fate was not to last, For within minutes the succulent smell of bacon called me to return to my old ways.

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A day out with Bloggers. (and being a massive child)

So today was a mix between completely weird and just another day.

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For those of you who don’t know, my friend ^Martyn^ is a MAD’s award nominee and parent blogger. He also has MD. This means he finds it harder to get around and do the normal things we all take for granted. So I help him. I help tidy his house, I help push his wheelchair and I help kick his kids into gear when they drive him berserk.
I do this because I love him, we’re Brothers. He’d do the same for me and in fact he has done a lot for me over the near decade we’ve been friends. Martyn is an amazing person and probably my best mate.

The cool thing is, at the moment, we have a mutually beneficial friendship. I have nowhere to live and he needs a carer. He is in the blogging world and I’ve just got into blogging. He needs a girlfriend and I’m good with the ladies (I wish).
But as I said he is a parent blogger and that’s not my forte, I don’t even have children. I’m a political commentator and anime enthusiast.
That being said, before I worked in security I worked in a school and before that a preschool. These are up there as my favourite ever jobs and despite not being a parent I’ve always found children really easy to cope with and for some reason I act as a magnet to them.


Today was uncomfortable and then brilliant.
I won’t lie. Meeting people I’ve only spoken to online and as Martyn’s sidekick when I have quite a big personality is difficult. Sharing a family I’m probably closer to then anyone with people I’ve never met is difficult.
They’re working out who I am and I’m trying desperately hard not to be my boisterous and offensive self. Because today isn’t about me, it’s about helping Martyn.

It was quiet and I wasn’t sure what I was doing there. We just spent 3 hours travelling, the heat was abrasive and honestly I thought I’d rather be at home.
Then BOOM! All this (personal) awkwardness was spectacularly broken by the sheer abandonment of children. One child introducing themselves to me with their name and a high five, others climbing on my back without the pleasantry of an introduction.
This made it easier, a lot easier. This made it easy to sit in the background yet also be my childish self. And this is the wonderful thing about children. When we have cliques or barriers or mental gymnastics of why something shouldn’t be weird but is. The only barrier they have is how quickly they can introduce themselves to the next new person.
Why not ask a completely stranger to give me a piggyback or steal food out of their pot, kick a football at them or give them a massive hug at the end of the day.

I wish we could be more like these children. I know all the explanations and cliche’s. We experience trauma, lose our innocence and have responsibilities. But still. I want to live the kind of life where I have that abandonment, where I dive in with both feet.
The lack of judgement, the ease of creating new friends, the joy in seeing a flower, a cool trick or a puppy. This is what I want for my life and today I got a preview of that.


SO to all the Mum’s and Dad’s that I met today, Thank you. And good work on raising your children. It was a pleasure to meet you all.

Love your inner child,