So this ^, is me.
My name is Ben , i’m a 29 year old from the UK who has a love for people, politics, philosophy and pop culture.
Here are some words the dictionary would use to describe me if it wasn’t an inanimate object devoid of a will.

Christian.        (non denominational)
Egalitarian.     (not the same as a feminist, as I’m not one)
Secularist.       (faith and lifestyles are choices and shouldn’t be enforced by the state)
Conservative. (In that I want to conserve Liberal principles)
Teetotal.          (mostly)
Vegan.              (also mostly)
Otaku.              (In the weeboo fanboy meaning, not it’s original Japanese)
Gamer.             (My first console was a NES and I’ve had at least one of every generation                                      since)

I became interested in blogging and YouTubing as my marriage started falling apart and found solace in people of the same age sharing their views on the Interwebs.
My friend Martyn, who is a professional blogger was the glue that held my desire to do this with actually setting it up.

The name Fatman Fatworld came from the idea that even though I see myself as countercultural, there a tons of other people that think like me, yet aren’t me and share my unique traits, although those traits are an inherent part of humanity, and so on and so on ad infinitum.
So although I see myself as unique i’m just a fat man in a fat world.