Moving Forward: Democracy’s Deep Division.


Dear Friends,

My blog (as you may know) is usually hyperbolic and combative in nature.
Today that tone would be irresponsible and wrong. With this the day we remember the fallen in their fights against Tyranny. With the state of the world at the moment it’s time to come together, not pick on political “winners or losers”. We may be jubilant in Trump and Brexit or we might be distraught at the very idea all I know is on Armistice day 2016 we seem more divided than anytime in my life; and that pains me.
As someone who loves my country, my community and my heritage I don’t want it to become a centre of violence or hatred.
I’m not saying we have to all agree on everything and shut the hell up, but what I am saying is let’s be peaceful. Let’s be righteous, open minded, non violent and dignified. Let us understand each other’s position and what we want for our society.
People like myself (centre-right), want the government to leave us alone unless it’s protecting our rights, are growing in number. We’re discontented with being regulated and restricted all for the sake of appearing nice.. Virtue signalling in the name of political correctness, whilst censoring those of another viewpoint.
This pressure has created a resurgence on the right in Europe and America and it comes in two forms libertarian conservatism (my brand) and alt-right nationalism (potentially dangerous) There is, of course, some overlap. Nothing is “all”.
People on my side are trying to make the arguments that the left failed to do, as explained >by someone on the left<, but are often labelled as cuckservatives for not going far enough and not introducing any real change.
Because people have been ignored for so long Trump, Farage, Wilders, Le Pen and others look very attractive right now. I am aware these people aren’t all the same or even promote all the same things but they’re figure heads of a movement intent on destroying the pillars of a system that doesn’t represent them. To go back to a time of values and community with societal ideals and a national vision.
We can have a huge statist society where the government is god, where none of us relate because we all believe different things or we can say just give us laws that protect us as individuals, allow those who want to come here because they love our country and want to be a part of it and allow the enforcement officers (in their respective fields) to do their job.
You can either have the police of the UK or you can the stasi and gestapo of nazi Germany.


A quick word about Hitler.
Hitler is hard to pin down politically (for the most part), even for those of us with well defined terms and clearly thought out political positions argue.
We could say Hitler was socially right, economically left and authoritarian in nature so for the sake of argument lets agree on that for now to further this particular conversation.


The rise of the right and alt-right.
This post came about because of a conversation with a friend about Geert Wilders and how he’s part of “my” movement. The irony is that this resurgent right is reactionary against the regressive, authoritarian left. One that pushes ideas like multiculturalism and political correctness on people who just want to be left alone so to say he is left or right is a mistake, he’s a populist.
Because when some 1,500 girls were raped in Rotherham all because we can’t say it was done by Muslims, it creates a fury within some yelling “we can say what the fuck we want! Words are words, actions are actions! Rape is a crime, Muslim is a term. What should we be more concerned about?”
Now, when this isn’t addressed and numerous things aren’t addressed for some 15 or more years people start to get hardened, hardened to the calls of violence and bigotry because “well we’re being called bigots anyway, so we might as well try to enact some change”.
Someone like myself is always clear that I have a problem with ideas, not people. I have no problem with words, but I do with violence. But there are some who’re getting swept up in things that aren’t even “right or left” in the classical sense but just hate filled authoritarian populist bigotry.
I couldn’t see any of Geert Wilders economic policies when I looked at his pledges to see whether whether he is far right or far left or anywhere in between, I just see that he is anti-Islam, maybe even anti Muslim.
Now it’s ok to be anti something. When you’re being blown up or shot or stabbed or raped or set on fire or mutilated or having acid thrown in your face it’s ok to ask questions.
I’m anti wahabism/salafism (violent strands of Islam) but I have a number of Muslim friends who I deeply love and care about. I’m not anti-Muslim but I do ask them where they stand on moral, legal and cultural issues. Are you primarily Western or primarily Islamic? Because there is a difference and not acknowledging that has led to a “clash of cultures” as it were. Most victims of Islamic terror are in fact Muslims and in Muslim majority countries. This understanding that something is now happening here where it was only happening there without being properly addressed has caused potentially dangerous division within our countries.


Why does all this matter and what does it have to do with democracy?
It matters because I don’t stand with Trump or Wilders but I do stand with a movement against authority. So for instance more minorities voted for Trump than previous Republican candidates and 37% of Labour supporter voted Brexit (And this without considering those from Labour that have moved over to UKIP). Does it mean we’re all the same? No. Does it mean we’re all wanting change? Yes
The question is, what kind of change do we want and how are we going to go about getting it? Well democracy is the way to go about getting change. Voting, making the arguments, setting up systems for cultural and political change and graciously accepting victory or defeat.
Calling someone who identifies as right wing Hitler is not going to bring people to your side. But neither is backtracking and pandering when people are seeking real change.
Democracy is the only moral way for voices to be heard. The every day people of our country are sick of either solely blaming immigrants or pretending there isn’t an immigration issue. Who addresses the issue first wins. Simple. It’s the job of those who represent us to do just that. Take our concerns and listen. Create the society we all want to see. A prosperous, caring one where people are united under a common belief and shared value system.
The anger and fury directed at people on the left for ignoring them, will only be picked up by those willing to listen. Some of these people have genuine concerns about changing demographics, forced acceptance of intolerable actions, state intrusion, censorship, surveillance and political correctness. But Do you want a Cameron or a Wilders? A Cruz or a Trump? Because when you demonise someone relatively central you actually make room for someone with an agenda instead.
Now the face of politics is changing and a lot of people I know are confused as to why. For me it’s simple. A lack of visible argumentation on the left to take the right seriously and a lack of backbone by the right to enact real change has seen an explosion of new groups. You’re now Bernie or bust and a Corbynite. Or you’re a UKIPer getting on the Trump train.


Democracy is awesome.
It may be hard and it may cause us to yield and submit when we lose but it’s the best option we have against tyranny. Something we remember when we celebrate Remembrance day.
More than Trump, more than Clinton, more than Brexit or Remain we must fight tyranny.
Whether it’s a dictator or an oligarchy, whether it’s the taking of people’s liberty or creating second class citizens WE MUST ALLOW DO THIS.
I don’t mean to patronise you, those of you who read my blog are wonderfully sensible and thoughtful people and I respect you. No matter which side you’re on but if you happen to be reading this for the first time and you think violence against cops or black people or Trump supporters or Muslims or anyone is ok, stop and think some more. These people are human too. They have rights too. We must not allow political differences to become personal ones. Where we physically attack the winners/losers because we disagree.
Let us be humble in our victories and resound in our defeats that we’ll carry. Carry on loving our neighbour, carry on making the arguments, carry on carrying on. We’re made of sterner stuff then violence or riots or war.

I’ve actually taken stock in the presidential election speeches, that you can find below.

We the people must stand with the people and be for the people. All the people.

Never forget the price, never forget the cost.

Much love and Peace.



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