How Trump won the Presidency


Donald Trump has done more than was ever expected of him.

Not only did he beat the Clinton brand he beat the mainstream media, the “elites” and every dirty trick thrown at him.
That’s not to say I’m “happy” about this. I’m not a fan. To be honest if I was an American I would have spoiled my ballot.
I mean I put a bet on Clinton winning the presidency long before the party nominees were chosen because I thought it was gifted to her. But a much smaller bet on Trump once he became the Republican nominee has got me my money back and then some.

So one question remains. How did this happen?
A guy I find to be disgusting at times, idiotic at others and just flat out ridiculous has won the 2016 presidential election and become POTUS. Someone I would never vote for (unless there was a gun to my head. Maybe) has beat out a super brand, a gift horse.
Here are some obvious, and not so obvious, insights as to why.


He was running against someone who is a criminal (by definition). She may not be a convict (in that she wasn’t indicted) but it seems like the only reason Hillary was there is because her candidacy was rigged and vagina. Honestly, if you want to vote for a woman for the sake of her genitalia alone you should have (and could have, easily) got a better one.
Quite possibly the most disgusting candidate in western politics since Hitler. Who could be described with words such as criminal, rape defender, corrupt, unfit, elitist, sociopathic, political failure, liar (unnecessarily so), unwell. I mean we could do this ad nauseam. We know she is a horrendous human being and a lot of why Trump won is because he was viewed as the least bad option.
But she’s not just a horrible person but a horrendous candidate. Not giving a press conference for nearly 300 days, unresolved health issues, being under investigation, endless corruption, Benghazi, stealing candidates ideas, stealing the nomination, being a robot. I mean Wikileaks anyone?
This is essentially the reason he won but if this isn’t reason enough then let us look at the wider political climate.


A great quote by Alexis de Tocqueville sums up a movement sweeping across the western world. “Democracy is slow and sluggish and difficult to move but once the people collectively set their minds on something, nothing can stop them.”
It happened with Brexit, it’s happening with other potential exits across Europe and Americans want to refocus on who they are and what is best for them.
No one thinks Trump is presidential or the best thing since sliced bread BUT this election isn’t about Trump but “Trumpism”.
A backlash caused by the authoritarian left, disregard for the constitution, mass corruption and executive overreach has turned a once small minority arguing that America was becoming Europe-ish into a huge movement for a return to American values.
People wanting freedom over control, markets over government and choice instead of regulation. And he’s encapsulated this with some great one liners. Trump train, MAGA, drain the swamp , lock her up, Americanism not Globalism.
If you look at the policies of both candidates Trump offered more of America’s core beliefs in policy than the progressive regressive Clinton.
Even if you make the very good augment that The Donald isn’t a constitutional conservative, let alone a true Republican with founding father principals he has only been helped by the low information attacks by the  mainstream media instead of the very legitimate criticism that could be made against him. Lazily listing off the culturally approved tropes like racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe only caused the people of the basket to become united in support for him and ignored legitimate criticism of him. Criticism that is most needed.
When you insult the man you insult the movement and when you insult the movement you insult the people. It hardens their resolve and gives them credence in their view that the elites are against them.


The Strong Man.
Trump is a “strong man” by this I don’t mean a male who is strong but the leader that we all secretly yearn for. The figurehead that a president is. Just like a Monarch is or a celebrity is or an army general is.
Is this good? Maybe, maybe not but it does seem to be a part of the human condition that we all look for. It doesn’t matter if he makes outrageous jokes, disgusting comments, inflammatory statements he is just the representative of the fed up populous.
Racial tension is high, the debt is at an unreal level, the country is in turmoil and it has never been further from it’s identity. People want to look past his flaws and scream PLEASE SAVE US.
This in itself has thrown a lot of what I find abhorrent about him out of the window for most people because he has an image of mogul, success, leader, truth teller, politically incorrect powerhouse, firebrand.
This image, whether true or false, became unshakable. There is NO middle ground. He’s either viewed as a deplorable or a hero and the only person this helped was Trump.


A return to Reagan?
South Park’s  Member Berries wonderfully highlight America’s desire tp a return to it’s core values. A fuck you to the global elite insisting what is best for them.
When you attack a person’s identity and a nation’s ideology and  refuse to listen to the people you end up with someone like Trump.

America has spoken.

Viva the revolution?



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