Allow me to reintroduce myself.


My name is Ben.

I get love for my blog, even if  someone disagrees politically, which is wonderful but it’s also confused a lot of people. I feel like when you explain your views all it does is raise more questions about who you are as a person then before you said anything.
I get that it feels like my writing is a constant battle, and that’s because to some extent it is. Although I’m one guy on a small blog with a limited following I still see it as my responsibility to assess and critique the culture and share my insight in this easily accessible information age. In the eyes of the world I get that I’m a walking contradiction.
I’m a right-wing Christian who likes secularism.
I’m working class with middle class values.
I’m a libertarian but also a western chauvinist (Uhuru), traditionalist and nationalist.
I’m a mostly teetotal, ethical, vegan, minimalist who does yoga and spends downtime watching anime and playing video games. Yet works in security, loves adventure, martial arts, peacocking and just generally being a man.
So here’s a little more depth to try and expand on that.


I’m a Christian,
It’s a massive part of my life. Without introducing jargon into the mix I believe I have received a spiritual awakening that is helping me become a better, more Godly person every day (that’s not mormonite narcissism in thinking I’m GOD-like, more me becoming how GOD originally intended before the ills of this world shaped me).
I lead worship as a percussionist, this basically means I play in the band (I’m cool get over it) I love to worship and praise the LORD any moment I’m fortunate enough to get a chance.
I say prayers and do the readings at my current Church, I’ve given sermons in the past as well as being part of the Street Pastors initiative (which I see essentially as helping a drunk person for every time my Mum bought me a pint of water as a wasted teenager puking into her toilet).
I missed out on being part of an evangelism course in a local prison but will hopefully start the next one this coming January.
I sit and talk with homeless people and give them food whenever I can.
I love, support and encourage my friends as much as possible even if that means I’m the only one that tells them they’re a dick when they’re being a dick.

I’m intelligent,
Anyone who would argue otherwise has about as much of a leg to stand on as arguing against me being tall or skinny or white. It just is a thing.
As soon as everyone realises that and understands it makes me more annoying and less fun to be around the sooner we can just go back to being bros instead of trying to debate every five seconds about something I may or may not even believe in.

I have many flaws,
Some of those being I tap everything, all of the time. I laugh so loudly sometimes it jump scares people. Although I’m polite I have no filter. I don’t really care about your feelings, if you’re acting like a child or an idiot I will tell you. If you tell me to do something I’ll probably do the opposite out of spite, if you ask me nicely or give me advice I’ll be gracious and humble in that. I may hug you at random times. I’m a know it all. I’m ultra competitive. I’m blunt. I make inappropriate comments, prone to bouts of introspection and I don’t back down to appease people but compromise if I feel that is right to do.

Things I love,
Philosophy, politics, economics, physics, engineering, music, pop culture (especially gaming, anime and TV/film), travelling, reading, writing and taking more photos than a Japanese tourist.
YouTube and meme culture mean more to me than they probably should.

Some of my political influences are,
Jesus, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Thomas Aquinas, Confucius, Lao Tzu, David Hume, Tom Hobbes, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, John Adams, Ayn Rand, John Stuart Mills, Adam Smith, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Milton Friedman, Margaret Thatcher, William F Buckely, Thomas Sowell, Clement Atlee, Martin Luther King Jr, Benjamin Disraeli, Friedrich Hayek, Ben Shapiro, Benjamin Netanyahu, David Ben-Gurion, Ariel Sharon, Shimon Peres.

My political philosophy has changed over the last 5 years in the same way my religious views changed about 8 years ago. Meeting more people from different walks of life, listening to them and getting out of the echo chamber has let me see and understand what made them successful.
As a 15 year old I read Das Capital, The Communist Manifesto, The Prince and the Art of War but I’ve since become all about small government (necessary structures), private charity over welfare, freer markets, meritocracy, individual rights, responsible gun ownership, direct democracy, republicanism, personal responsibility, lifetime peerage, equality of opportunity not outcome, helping the most vulnerable in society and being anti cultural Marxist PC nonsense.


You could say I’ve come to the understanding that GOD made me a prophet, it’s why I do this. I don’t mean that in a holier than thou way, more like if you actually read the prophets and what they went through and what they were called to say and tell people it’s obvious to me that I’m a contrarian who likes to dissect the culture and argue from both the apologetic and polemic standpoints. I don’t care if I were to get the crap kicked out of me because the two things I care about most are truth (cliché right) and justice (I’m Batman). Oh and winning, I love winning.
I won’t lie, back down or yield my integrity for anyone. Saying that though I’m not dogmatic or an ideologue. If you can prove me wrong I’m happy to change my opinion about anything. I just believe my studies have given me a well-rounded view of the world that is as yet to be debunked and it would be unnecessary of me to agree to social convention without evidence or logic especially if it seems immoral.

So in conclussion I don’t know why I wrote this post. I don’t know why I write anything other than a burning desire to let loose some inner rage or share what I think is essential information. This is neither of those but it literally fell out of my brain into WordPress.

I hoped you enjoyed my word vomit, you’re very welcome to it.

Have a wonderful life,




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