It’s cool to be right.


The pendulum of politics is moving. The political swing is gearing back towards the right. But it’s moving towards a newer, fresher right. A right I can be proud to follow.

The religious right of my youth was a sort of authoritative religious conservatism and the left was this cool free speech libertine ideology. All the court cases between activists trying to silence people and those in entertainment wanting their voices heard were stuffy old religious conservatives pitted against people I deemed cool poets. Poets that gave me a voice.
A tearing down of the system was cool. Traditional marriage, Christianity, family all that good stuff was attacked as literally Nazi Germany and your Dad, if you were lucky enough to have one, was literally Hitler.
As a young working class white atheist male, I was disenfranchised by middle class culture. It made no sense because it didn’t represent or stand for me, or so I thought.
It was for the people with money who wanted to be just like their parents. Yuk.
(How pretentious I was in my rebellion)
But many of the people on the right now are about free speech and liberal principles. Things my heroes on the left were fighting for ten/twenty years ago.

So I think we’re coming into an age of up/down (Authoritarian/Anarchy) based politics. One that the 90’s ushered in. We don’t want to be told what to believe or who to be. We want to find that out for ourselves.
But because there were some traditional associations with being liberal (socialist/feminist/black pride-white guilt/anti Christian) that we can now say fuck you to and just say I want the government out of my business.
I want people who need it helped, I want there to be individual and corporate protection for life and rights and a base infrastructure for society. The rest of it can just burn a way in a free market cleansing.
It’s why I called my post the new right not the alt right because I feel like the right has got a way from this authoritarian religious nannying of the past into a beautiful, free, information age renaissance. And I say this as a Christian, one who wasn’t raised as such but decided it for myself.

(Some people who deserve credit for being an influence on me are Ben Shapiro, Gavin Mcinnes, Ann Coulter, Lauren Southern, Nigel Farage, Douglas Carswell, Milo Yiannopoulos, Christina Hoff Sommers, Anne Marie Walters, Douglas Murray, Dan Hannan and Andrew Breitbart. To name the first 12 who popped into my head)

The right has literally gone from 50+ white Christians, all with the same point of view, to being the trailblazers for an actually liberal society. One that isn’t ashamed to say some cultures are better than others, some religions are better than others, some countries, ideas, decisions and people are better than others.
It’s OK to be a #proudboy now. When I was at school I’m surprised I wasn’t lined up and castrated just for being a white male. But now I can say as a Western Chauvinist “Prove me wrong”. Show me a better society or a better culture in the entirety of history that’s helped more people, ushered in greater amounts of freedom equality or prosperity, created technological and industrial revolutions to the same degree and we can talk about that.
Until then I’m happy with western values.

The mainstream Disconnect.
This is why people aren’t understanding Brexit or Trump. People hate being lied to, controlled, force fed propaganda, pandered to, censored and shamed for their own heritage. A heritage that has produced the greatest nations in human history. A heritage and a world that doesn’t ring true to the left’s daddy issues.
Has every country done something good? Yes. Has every country done something bad? Yes. So stop shaming people just for being born into a good one.
Here’s an interesting piece by Gavin Mcinnes and Jim Goad for Rebel Media on just one of these issues, slavery.

The good news is the left has overplayed its hand now.
A year ago I put ¬£10 on Hillary Clinton to win the election because it was a guaranteed bet for me. It was a formality. But it’s only because she’s such a terrible candidate and a terrible person that she now looks like she’s going to lose.
Trump was 100/1 when I made the bet and now it’s looking like he could do it it. I mean Donald Trump for the president of America? If he wins he’s literally increased the wealth of those who bet on him by a hundred fold. An extra month’s wage to some people as soon as he is declared winner.
This just goes to show how fed up and sick people are of this virtue signalling ah look he’s black, lets elect him we haven’t had one of those yet. Ah she’s a woman lets elect her, we haven’t had one of those yet.
This is the actual language of the left, like they’re tick box presidents not real people. And it’s because they aren’t real people, elected on merit that so many American’s are disenfranchised. The media is so biased; causing low information voters, especially here in Europe, that see Obama as literally GOD that they’re not even aware of what he has and hasn’t done. The things he’s made worse or better. They just nod and cheer. Woohoo a black guy can make it America.¬†Well, we all knew that anyway.

I know. I just went on a tirade, again. I watched some Alex Jones today.

There’s something within me that hates “the man” and I know why. It’s because I love truth and for me the truth has been obfuscated by the institutional left for their own self interest throughout my adult life that I now have a yearning to show the world the lies they give birth to.
Never has it been better to be a prophet. It’s cool to be right.

So eat my shorts.



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