Why I’m a Capitalist Part 2 (a soft heart for hard truths)


So after chatting to my best mate Martyn (check out his blog, it’s really good and he is amazing) it turns out he has the same criticism of me that I often have of Ben Shapiro
and whilst he was explaining what he saw in my writing I thought for a second we merged into the same person. Although I’m substantially taller, less Jewish and poorer financially.
(although there is this)
Anyway, I digress. The criticism is that we both come off unfeeling or cold because we present hard facts and cold truths.
This discussion with Martyn about my blog got quite intense because he knows me but couldn’t believe what I was writing, and here’s why. He thought that because I support a structure where inequality is a factor I must not support people on the fringes that aren’t being helped by that structure.
This upset me, it upset me a lot, because actually the opposite is true. The reason I make the argument that capitalism is better than socialism is because it helps all people to a greater extent.
Go to any actual Socialist country, not just now but in history, and people on the fringes are worse off. In fact all people are worse off.
Martyn, born to the same family and having the same circumstances could well have died if he wasn’t living in the UK. That sounds terrible and it kills me to say it. But it’s BECAUSE OF THIS that I say it.
I want to support single Dad’s, I want to support single Mum’s. I want to support disabled people, “junkies”, “convicts” the vulnerable and the poor. And I think my life demonstrates this. I help a disabled friend, I got one of my mate’s off Heroin, I’m starting to volunteer in a prison and I’ve been a street Pastor. None of that negates my views though, I know what it’s like to be homeless and still agree with capitalism.

Economics vs Culture.
I was helped by a charity organisation not the government. The tax money I was earning, before my work and living arrangements messed up, is more likely to go to people who made bad sexual decisions then someone who was made homeless by a family member.
Ok maybe that’s reaching and a little hyperbolic but this is where culture comes into play, not economics.
I believe an economic system is Amoral, it’s individuals who are moral or immoral. I believe that capitalism is inherently better than socialism because it has freedom at it’s core. Freedom to work or not to work, freedom to own or to rent. Freedom to be employed, self employed or run a mutual.
Obviously there are life situations that have different constraints on different people. But it’s better than abject poverty and government enforcement. Every Socialist state has become authoritarian because, by definition, the state runs your life. It essentially owns you.
Maybe I’m just a bit of an anarchist at heart. I believe people should help one another but they should have the freedom to decide that. Somehow consent matters to leftists when it comes to gay marriage, abortion and in some cases incest. But when it comes to government enforcement for wealth and property they’re somehow ok with that? Well I’m not.
I’m not ok with people deciding anyone’s life for them. Go out and be who you want and as a society we should get round you to help.
Someone once said to me socialism was biblical and that’s quite clearly nonsense. Christians DECIDED to give up their possessions to help one another. They weren’t compelled by the temple with the threat of death or imprisonment. As I’ve said before this is the difference between socialism and charity. Charity is a choice, socialism is enforcement.
Deciding to get married, be reasonable people and raise well adjusted children is better than the alternative. That’s not to say I think single parents should go suck eggs and shut up complaining. But statistically speaking children do better in traditional nuclear families, supported by a wider family and engaged with a like-minded community like a local Church or Synagogue.

But I get this doesn’t happen for everyone. I get that there are subtleties. But that doesn’t change the facts it just changes your feelings towards the facts.
I’m not a Utopian, I live in the real world. I deal with real problems. I know what it’s like to be a person falling between the cracks and I get that things suck in different ways for different people. But that’s life.
We don’t progress by pretending an ideology that’s failed every single time it’s been implemented is going to help people. What we do is say ok, what system helps 85% of the people, and what structures can we put in place for the other 15%?

Teach a man to fish. Someone with no independence or skills won’t be able to cope in ANY COUNTRY. Education, solid families, loving communities and governmental systems built on freedom and consent are the only things that actually work. It baffles me that people complain in this country about inequality but they don’t see the rest of the world and where we are. I don’t care about inequality, I care about poor people. You don’t help people by giving them welfare you help people by giving them jobs and for those that can’t work, there will be more money for them within the tax system if people are in well paying jobs with savings and housing. You only get that with stability and you only get stability with an emphasis on personal responsibility, charity and free markets.

I don’t write my blog to offend people but I do realise what I say is offensive and you know what, I don’t care. Debate me. Reassess your thought processes. Question my intentions. Prove me wrong. Get to know me. But don’t sit in a rage because you don’t like the world you live in, sometimes I don’t like the world I live in. But it’s the one we have.

It’s why I can’t wait for heaven,




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