Why I’m Libertarian not Liberal


Two words, Personal Responsibility.

It makes me sick when I see University/college educated adults (children) crying and screaming and going absolutely bonkers over nothing. A speaker coming to campus that they disagree with. Rape law, RAPE LAW, being exempt from not only a law degree but from a law school and not any law school but Harvard! and the UK’s oldest and most prestigious university, Oxford! How are you supposed to help victims of rape if you don’t know rape law? All because one or two people decided they need a safe space when hearing words. Do me a favour!! It’s like all I hear is Newspeak.
Words are violence, misogyny is rape, America was never great, black people can’t be racist.
Systematic oppression (people being punished for their actions but shouldn’t be held accountable).
Diversity (of identity not ideas).
Equality (of outcome not opportunity).
Living in a world where nothing has any true meaning or value might be tolerable for some but for me it’s “oppressive”.


I will try to be coherent in this post but it just infuriates me that my generation, probably people a little younger, but usually known as Millennials. Who are rich enough to afford to go to university, get a world class education, at some of the freest countries in the world (human existence) decide they want to tear down the system and replace it with cultural Marxist bullshit.

One reason I’ve decided to do my degree with the OU is because I don’t have to go on campus, where I would need to kowtow to the prevailing politically correct agenda. Also it’s cheaper.
I’m not advocating a punch in the face or anything but it seems to me that liberals have never been checked. No one’s actually called them on their big mouth privilege. Because lets be honest, if there is a privilege within society it’s for those who agree with things that are socially acceptable or politically correct.
But rounding up Jews was socially acceptable. Confiscating private homes and possessions by force was politically correct.

Why can’t we say large numbers of x lead to an increase in rape therefore it’s not a good idea to import large numbers of x.
Why can’t we say an unborn life is worth the same as one who’s left the womb. And that stable relationships and contraception are better than unprotected sex and causal flings.
Why can’t we say resisting arrest and attacking police can actually get you shot or tasered and we should be responsible and measured in our interactions with police.
Why can’t we say learning self defense (or being armed where you’re allowed), not walking alone at night and refraining from getting wasted on drink or drugs can lead to a decreased chance of being raped.
Just like we would say locking your doors, getting an alarm, CCTV and having a neighbourhood watch leads to a decreased chance of getting robbed.
There’s nothing wrong with saying rapists don’t care about whether or not they’re allowed to rape you but whether or not they can. No one is blaming rape victims by trying to help others not get raped.

But no, common sense values and personal responsibility are often met with “I want my dummy!” “Give me what I want!” “No one can stop me!” boo hoo hoo. Wah wah wah. Get a life.
It’s these people that expect the government to pay for their gender studies degree or pay for their abortions or obesity driven plastic surgery or lifelong welfare.
I want the government to stay out of my life, not control every aspect of it. And this, this brings me to my actual point.

I support the conservative party in the UK (yes I can hear you hissing, no I don’t care) because I like the UK and I want to conserve it’s laws and traditions. But another reason is that it’s core principles are about personal responsibility, aspiration, austerity and freedom.
We decide, as a people, to put others in charge to come up with the best policies and corporate protection systems like the police or emergency services, welfare for those who can’t work and in some cases pensions for the elderly.
But the government shouldn’t be housing me. I’m peeved off that it hasn’t. Because that’s what it says it it will do, house homeless people. But at the end of the day. I need to work, I need to survive and thrive, I need to do what’s best for me. The government isn’t responsible for my decision making.

Let me give you some examples.
Not taking an apprenticeship because of the wages. Why turn your nose up at lesser wages for learning to do a job? You’re getting paid to learn instead of paying to learn. Grow up, accept the money and get educated to help your career prospects.
I deserve welfare because I’m pregnant. Why should you get money for having a baby? If you can’t afford one, don’t have one.
The government needs to spend more money on looking after people who won’t look after themselves then those who can’t. The homeless, disabled, elderly, children, people under a healthcare team or people in vulnerable situations. Not life long benefit recipients or those looking to con the system for personal gain.
I have no expectation of the government other than to protect me and my freedoms. And I would be willing to serve my country and work within the police force to maintain those.
This wasn’t spelled out to me, it’s not socially acceptable to do so. I thought going to work was for some people and benefits were for others. I don’t really need to study hard because I’m smarter then most people I know.
Honestly it makes me want to be a pushy parent. It makes me want to go (to my younger self) get out of bed you lazy shit bag and go to school! Work part time and get a world class education. Do it off your own back so you aren’t beholden to anyone in your future and can actually get somewhere in life.
When I look at times from my life where I did this it turned out better than when I didn’t. Getting my first jobs at 15 and 16, taking up Karate, getting married, working for myself. As opposed to messing around in school, laying around at home, spending money on things I want instead of need.

Personal responsibility is something we have to teach within society, especially to children.
If I’m ever blessed enough to have kids I want them, more than anything, to be independent.
Productive, well rounded members of society who contribute and have a diverse skill set.


Go do it for yourself,









2 thoughts on “Why I’m Libertarian not Liberal

  1. Thanks, I agree with you about 99%. Of course I am an old man (70) and when I was growing up in the 1950s in Kansas the choices were simpler. Work or get educated or live in poverty. There were a lot of things wrong with that culture (mainly racism), but we threw the baby out with the bathwater. However, personal responsibility was a concept everyone agreed with regardless of political party or religious affiliation.


    • Hi, Arlen. Thank you for your response. Yes it seems that we’re taking a long time to reach a good middle ground.
      Hopefully in the next 10 years we can restore some of the old way without the same old prejudices.

      Thanks for the feedback, always happy for it. 🙂


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